Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Prolific - Interesting surveys and an easy moneymaker

One of my newer addictions in the world of survey sites and apps is Prolific and if you're not a member you really should be! The surveys (or studies as they call them) are really interesting and nothing like the usual ones we see on Swagbucks, Mintvine etc, the payments come in quick and fast and the minimum cashout is £5 to either Paypal or Circle.

I did my first study on 8th March 2017 and today is 2nd May 2017 and so far I've made £77.38 with very little effort:

The problem is (or the problem as I see it from comments in our Facebook group) that it's not very intuitive and so people are giving up on it without giving it a chance.

So here's a quick and dirty guide to getting going and making some half decent money in a very decent time.

1) Sign up

Firstly, visit the Prolific website and create an account. IMPORTANT - sign up as a Participant, NOT a Researcher or the rest of what I say here won't make much sense :) 

I'm not going to walk you through signing up and verifying your account as the site does that for you, but if you have any problems, feel free to pop along to our Facebook Group and ask - there's always someone around to help.

2) Complete the prescreening questions

This is the part that most people are missing out on and it's not obvious. In order to be offered studies, you need to have answered some prescreening questions.

On a laptop / PC you'll find the prescreening questions under the Account link

Once you click on that you'll find a whole host of questions to answer - the more you answer, the more likely you are to be given studies to do so it's worth the time it takes - probably about 15 minutes.

On a phone it's under 'Menu' (3 lines top right)

Once you've done this, be sure to check back on that screen every few days to see if you have any new ones to answer - as new studies are added, the criteria may be different to the questions you've already answered, so it's best to always be up to date on these.

3) Check for studies

Now you need to check out the Studies page to see if you're eligible for any. The great thing about Prolific is that you are only offered studies you qualify for so a disqualification is very very rare (it DOES happen occasionally but I've only had it once in 2 months).

At first you're probably going to see this:

Don't give up! Studies come in regularly - if it's the first time you see the screen it might be worth doing the demo study just for some practice.

It'll show you what a study looks like when it comes in:

Click on Start now and see how the study process works, it'll give you practice for later.

4) Keep checking for Studies

A lot of people are expecting that like other survey sites, Prolific will send you an email when a study is available - they won't. It's up to you to keep checking. I have the study page open in a tab on my laptop browser and I periodically refresh it to see if anything is available. On your phone you might have to keep visiting the page.

Here's what a real study looks like:

You could see anything from 1 survey a day to 7 or more (my max is 7 in a day). The survey offer will tell you how much it is worth, what that works out at as an hourly rate, how long you have to do it and how long the average person takes to do it. You choose whether you do it or not.

It's a great little earner, pays out really quickly and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

In summary

- Interesting surveys
- Good rates of pay
- Easy Paypal or Circle checkout (Paypal does incur fees, Circle doesn't)
- Remember to complete prescreening
- Remember to check regularly
- Have fun :)

Questions? Come and join our Facebook Group where we talk about Prolific, Swagbucks, Mintvine and many other apps and sites to make money online.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Swagbucks - paying Mastercard into Paypal to make more of your Swagbucks

If you're a Swagbucks member, you'll know that at the time of writing it costs 800 swagbucks to get a £5 Paypal voucher. However, due to the current sale, it only costs 620 swagbucks to get a £5 virtual Mastercard.

So it makes sense to get a Mastercard, right? But what do do if you want to put the money in your Paypal account? Well thankfully, it's easy :)

Once your Mastercard details come through from Swagbucks, you'll need to verify it with your name and address.

Once you've done that you'll be given the details of the card (I've covered my details up in the pic below)

Now, to add this to your Paypal account you'll need:

1) A Paypal account
2) An email address that is different to your Paypal email address

You can set up a second email address through Gmail or something quite easily.

Now, log into your Paypal account and find 'Request Money' - depending on whether you have on older or newer, personal or business Paypal account will depend on where you find this.

Mine is in Money --> Send or Request Money:

Then click on request money from a friend or customer (or similar):

On the next screen input your second email address and the amount you want to request.

Log out of Paypal.

Now, go to your second email account and pick up the email that will have been sent:

Open up the email and click on Pay Now:

Now, and this is the important bit - DO NOT LOG IN TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT!

Click on 'Pay without a Paypal Account'

This will take you to a screen where you can choose to pay via credit / debit card - input your Mastercard details and pay the request.

Upon logging back in to your Paypal account, you should now see your payment:

Note that there is a fee of 37p per five pounds (if anyone knows a way around this please let me know) but, bearing in mind you've saved 180 swagbucks which is about £1.45, you're still over a quid up :)

Want more help like this? Come and join our Swagbucks / Mintvine / Prolific Facebook group!

If this has helped you, please share with your Swagbucks friends!

Thursday, 2 March 2017

How to reach your second goal on Swagbucks with very little effort and minimal risk

If you're a Swagbucks user, you're probably familiar with the 'Daily Goal' aspect of the site. This is shown at the top of your screen when you're on the desktop version of the site, and has a 'first' daily goal and a 'second' daily goal.

The first is usually fairly low - if you're new it could be as low as 40 or 50 swagbucks - and the second a higher target. The more you do on Swagbucks, the higher your second daily goal will be, but the first is usually easily achievable.

For example, today my first goal was 105 - and this is my second:

My second goal is 800, and if I get it, I'll get a 76sb bonus at the end of the month. Reaching goal for 7 days in a row adds on an extra 25sb bonus, 14 days a 100sb bonus, 28 days a 200sb bonus and 28 days a whopping 300sb bonus, so it's well worth reaching at least your first daily goal every day. 

I've been on Swagbucks since 2012 (although only using seriously since 2016), so a lot of the offers in Discovery that pay big swagbucks are no longer available to me, or I have to spend in order to get them and I don't like spending money to earn money ;) (There are exceptions to this rule and I'll post about this another time)

However, thanks to the Swagbucks and other money making apps / sites group that I set up on Facebook, I've come across a great tip for making goal fairly quickly, fairly easily and with very little risk.

Make Swagstakes work for you

Swagstakes is Swagbucks' mini gambling area on the site. Usually I ignore it, as I cling to my SB fairly hard :)

But, there is a fairly low risk way to wager swagbucks - you won't increase your sb total in the examples I'm going to use, but you can reach goals and snag those all important bonuses.

I'm going to walk you through the process right here.

First, pop on over to Swagstakes - it's in the left hand menu under 'Contests' or you could click on if you're already logged in:

Once in the Swagstakes screen, you'll see many options - my advice is to ignore them all - it's tempting, but that's not what we're concentrating on here.

Click on the link that says 'Limited Entries' (I've bookmarked the page which is at ):

On the next screen you're looking for the entries that only have 3 chances available - this means that only three entries are accepted, and then the prize is drawn. I've circled (kind of!) the 2 that I use - one is to win 50sb and one to win 100sb.

Let's take the 50sb game here - each entry costs 25sb. If you buy one entry, you have a 1 in 3 chance of winning. If you win you have spent 25sb and gained 50, which is good. HOWEVER if you snag 2 entries, one after the other, you have a 2 in 3 chance of winning. You'll spend 50 sb and if you win, gain 50sb, so no overall gain in your total SB, but the 50 WILL count towards your daily total.

So, let's grab one entry:

Snag the first entry, which will ask you to confirm and then take you to your swagstakes screen where your entry will show:

Click on that entry to snag another entry:

The key here is to be quick and get two out of the three before anyone else jumps in. Once you have 2 entries, just wait:

Many time you will win: 

You can do this multiple times to build up your daily goal total.

**Edited to add** Here's my final total for today:


You will not win every time. Sometimes, even though the odds are in your favour, you WILL lose. See my luck so far today below:

I'm 200sb up on my daily total today but 105sb down on my overall total because I lost twice. I'm ok with that because my second daily goal bonus will be worth 76sb at the end of the month, plus hopefully the 300 monthly master when I get 28 consecutive daily goals.

Some days I'm luckier than others, and I only do this when I have a few sb i'm willing to lose. When I've lost 3 times, I stop. Most days I break even on the overall total and reach second goal.

I don't do this every day, but some days it really does help me reach goal.

It's not for the faint hearted, but if you need a few extra SB to reach either goal, it might be worth risking a few SB to see if it can work for you.

Not a Swagbucks member? I made £123 in February 2016 with very little effort, you could too. Join now. And don't forget to join our Facebook group too!

Any questions? Ask in the Facebook group and we'll all be happy to help!

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Friday, 17 February 2017

Cooking hack: The Singing Swede

So called because it 'whistles' while it cooks, this is such an easy way to cook swede - no peeling, chopping or boiling! Simply pop in the microwave for 20 minutes or so and scoop out all that loveliness straight into a bowl!

Add some butter, a little pepper and serve and eat!

(If anyone knows who Kerry is so I can credit her properly for the pic, please let me know)

Thursday, 16 February 2017

How do I make money from Mintvine?

I'm a massive fan of Mintvine. It's kind of a rival to Swagbucks, but a lot easier to navigate and there seem to be more surveys available at any one time.

I'm going to presume that you're completely capable of signing up and following the instructions for the initial 'getting to know you' questions (plus I'm being lazy), and that you now have an account and are not sure what to do.

I'll share with you the things that I do if I'm focused enough, each day.

Daily Survey

The easiest way to earn 5 points every day is to do the Daily Survey. Scroll down and you will be given the option to take part (I've done mine already which is why it's already filled in)

There's a new one each day and that's 5 points per day. Time taken: 5 seconds.

Survey Street

The first thing you see, top right of your screen or via the menu, is Survey Street.

The steps are easy:

1) Click on 'Go Take My First Survey' - you'll see something like this:

Scroll down and you'll see you have to agree to a few things before you can take a survey:

You have to tick those 3 boxes before you can proceed

2) Take the survey:

You won't necessarily see the exact screen I have above, but you'll be on your way to your first survey.

Things to know:

  • You may not qualify for every survey 
  • You may have to answer a few questions before you find out you don't qualify
  • Different surveys have different times and different values
You'll be offered other surveys once you've finished one - it's up to you if you do another one or move on to:

Points Place

Underneath Survey Street  you should see Points Place:

Basically it's just another version of surveys, but each one of these is worth 70 points each. You don't have to agree to anything like before, you just do the surveys.

You'll see this screen once you click on 'Go to Points Place':

Click on 'Continue' and you'll get to a screen like this with a few qualifying questions:

Answer the questions and you'll be offered a survey:

As before, you could be disqualified after answering a few questions. Unfortunately that's just the way it is.

These are the main ways to get points on Mintvine. I'll cover some other ways in future blog posts.

Things to note:

  • Points 'pend' for 2 weeks, so while they will show as part of your total, you won't be able to withdraw them until they're approved.
  • Mininum cashout for Mintvine is 1000 points.
  • 1000 points equals $10
  • Once you have 1000 points, you can cashout any amount beyond that, so for example 1264 points will get you $12.64
  • Mintvine takes around 5 days from requesting a cashout to receiving it
If you're not on Mintvine already I'd highly recommend it - unlike Swagbucks and other survey sites there seem to be a LOT more surveys available and if you can qualify for them then the points add up pretty quickly.

If you have any Mintvine questions, post them in the comments below and I'll answer them in future blog posts, or pop over to our Facebook group and join.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Making money from Swagbucks - video apps

If you're a Swagbucks addict like me, you've learned a few tips and tricks along the way (although I'm still learning all the time) to maximise your chances of earning Swagbucks.

One of the easiest that guarantees 60 sb per day is the video apps. I run a group on Facebook where members help each other out on various survey sites and receipt / cashback apps, and one of the questions we're asked the most is how we make 60 sb a day JUST on videos, so here's a quick and dirty how to.

Install the video apps 

First of all you need to have ALL of the video apps installed - in the UK these are shown below, and you can find the links to them at

Run the video apps IN FULL daily!

Sounds easy, but so many people miss this bit out. For each app you have to run between 10 and 14 videos to earn 2sb. What people don't seem to see is that once you've done that 2sb, you can then run the app again another 4 times (and sometimes once more for bonus sp) to earn a total of 10 sb from each app, making 60sb a day.

So, this is what I do:

1) Start the app

I'm going to use EntertaiNow as my example, as it's always the first one I use. Open the app:

2) Choose the quickest videos

Using the menu top left (the 3 straight lines), open up the menu and choose 'short clips' (second option under 'channels'

3) Run the videos

This will give you screen similar to this:

Click on the first video and it will start running - clips in this section are generally under 30 seconds long (but see the power user tip at the end of this post!)

Your video will start running:

Once your video has run you'll see this screen:

(it may say fewer videos depending on how many are in the run)

Once all the videos in the cycle have run, you'll get an alert that you've got your 2 swagbucks:

This is where a lot of people stop, thinking they have done their bit on that app - BUT WAIT!

4) Do it all again (4 times!)

At the top right of that last screen is a 'next video' link - click on that and start the whole cycle again! You can run each app 5 times, giving 10sb in total - in some cases you will get a 6th chance so keep an eye out!

Don't forget - do this on all 6 apps, not just this one! That's 60sb for nothing.

Swagbucks video app power user tip!

If you don't want to hover over your phone while these apps are running, then you can just leave it on the side (i'd recommend plugged in as it does eat battery!) and let it run it's course.

HOWEVER, if you're watching TV or want to get it over and done with quickly, then this is how to do it:

4 second rule

Run the app as above, and run the first video. Let it run for 4 seconds and then click the 'done' link top right:

Move on quickly

You'll then get the usual screen, on this one, click 'next video' (top right) to move on to the next one without waiting:

Rinse and repeat!

At an average of 4 seconds per video, 2 seconds to move on, 14 videos per round and 5 rounds to run, you can have 10 sb in around 7 minutes. 

I hope this mini how to guide has helped someone out there, please consider commenting below if it has, and over on our Swagbucks, Mintvine, Shopprize and more Facebook Page. And of course, if you're not a Swagbucks member yet, come and join me

Thursday, 30 December 2010

How to cook your Christmas turkey in the dishwasher and live to tell the tale

So, a week before Xmas my oven decides to stop working. All the local shops can't deliver a new one for 6 weeks, and I have 7 for Christmas dinner... aarrrgghhh!

So what did I do? I turned to trusty Twitter and Facebook for an answer. After posting out my plea, I received back many ideas:

  • microwave it
  • BBQ it
  • deep fry it
  • cook it in the dishwasher
Yep, that's right, cook it in the dishwasher.

Now, I admit that one of the other three options must be easier than the dishwasher suggestion, but come on - when have I backed down in the face of a challenge? The dishwasher it must be!

I told the family and they looked at me aghast. "Cook the turkey... in the dishwasher....?" All except Leigh, who said "What a great idea for a blog post!" (glad to see she inherited my nose for drama ;) )

And so, on Xmas morning we duly got out the turkey:

Well, to be honest it was a Chapon not a turkey as such, but it once had feathers and laid eggs so I'm not quibbling :)

The recipes I found online said to wrap it in stemaing bags - we didn't have any so we extra quadruple wrapped it in thick turkey foil while we were running the dishwasher through on empty to make sure it was clean.

Then into the dishwasher it went:

Here's the turkey in it's home for the next few hours:

It was a 3.5KG bird, so we put it through 4 cycles at the highest temperature (75 deg) - checking it after each cycle to see if it really was cooking. Leigh was on standby with chicken nuggets if it didn't, and Shaun mentioned many times how glad he was having fish that could be cooked in the microwave (wuss!)

After 4 cycles, we unwrapped it and took a look:

It was cooked! OK, it was a bit pale and anaemic looking, but nothing a quick blast in the microwave grill and copious amounts of gravy couldn't sort out.

Most importantly, it tasted yummy - moist, flavourful, and very definitely edible - with not a trace of detergent to be found ;)

The rest of the Christmas dinner was cooked in the halogen oven we borrowed, in pans and in the microwave, so it was a bit of a 'take it as you find it' affair, but all in all it worked well and everyone had a lovely Christmas dinner, as well as having created a bit of a talking point!

 They tell me I'm brave to have tried it on such an important meal; there's a thin line between bravery and stupidity; I'm not sure which side I'm on LOL!

So for those of you who thought it couldn't be done - it can! For those of you who thought I wouldn't do it - I did! And for those of you who want to try it - do it! It really didn't take much longer than cooking the traditional way, and the end result was most pleasant.

What would you have done with your Christmas turkey if your oven broke a few days before Christmas?

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