Saturday, 16 September 2017

Swagbucks - what is a swagup?

A SwagUp is like a bonus or “power-up” that Swagbucks applies to your account. The bonus that you receive from the SwagUp depends on the type that is applied to your account.
Generally, there are two types of SwagUps.
A SB Award SwagUp: 
This type of SwagUp will add SBs to your account when you conduct the activities that unlock the award. Examples of these include a SwagUp that:
    1. Doubles the SB you earn for completing survey
    2. Awards you a flat amount for completing a survey
    3. Doubles the SB you earn when you shop online
    4. Awards you a flat amount when you shop online
In order to receive the award connected with this SwagUp, you must perform the activity with which it is connected.
A Rebate SwagUp: 
This type of SwagUp issues you an SB rebate when you redeem a gift card. For example, you might receive a SwagUp that rebates you 500 SB on your next gift card redemption. If you have this type of SwagUp, when you redeem your SB for a gift card, you will automatically receive 500 SB provided the gift card for which you redeemed your SB is greater than the amount of the SwagUp. In other words, if you redeemed 300 SB for a $3 Amazon Gift Card, you would not receive the 500 SB rebate for which the SwagUp is valid because the rebate amount is greater than the number of SB you cashed-in.
You can read a more detailed explanation of this here.
All SwagUps have an expiration date. If you have multiple SwagUps applied to your account for the same type of award, i.e., multiple SwagUps that issue rebates, they are applied on a “First to Expire Basis”.
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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Facebook minitip - Subscribe to notifications on a post


As an admin of many groups, one of my biggest bugbears is the habit people have of typing 'F' or 'Following' or tagging themselves on posts. Talking to other admin and members, I know this is a pet hate for a lot of people.

And the good news is, you don't have to do it!

All you need to do is subscribe to notifications on a post - you get notifications, the post doesn't get cluttered and the admin stays happy until the next flame war breaks out, so it's a win-win situation.

To subscribe to notifications, simply choose the post you want, click on the 3 dot menu on the top right hand corner:

Choose 'Turn on notifications for this post':

You will receive future notifications of comments on the post without it being cluttered up and impossible to read!

Please think of your poor admins in future and subscribe to notifications instead of posting 'F'.

What are the video apps on Swagbucks and how do I get them?

Unfortunately for new Swagbucks users, one of the most profitable ways to make easy money on Swagbucks isn't in fact promoted well by them.

While surveys and offers are all very well, by far the easiest and best money maker on Swagbucks if you don't want to spend lots of time staring at a screen is the video apps.

There are 5 video apps for iPhone and 7 for Android.

You can get the Android ones here: Swagbucks apps for Android - this is what you are looking for:

You can get the iPhone ones here: Swagbucks apps for iPhone - this is what you are looking for:

For more info on running the apps, read this post. Remember, you can run the apps through their 10sb cycle twice per day - once between 8am and 2am, and then again through 2am - 8am, making a total of 140sb a day on Android and 100sb on iPhone.

They do take a while to run, but (at least on Android for me) don't need 'babysitting' so it's easy Swagbucks for nothing. 

Don't want your phone tied up all day? I bought a cheap Android phone just to run the apps - it cost me £20 and has paid for itself in no time. 

Remember, read this post too for more info on the Swagbucks video apps.

And you can join Swagbucks here - on Android, if all you do is run the apps every day, that's £30 a month! 

Join the Swagbucks group on Facebook for more hints and tips on Swagbucks.


Prolific Assistant - Get alerted to new studies on Prolific

One of the biggest gripes in our Facebook Group about Prolific is the lack of studies, or missing out on studies. Unfortunately, Prolific doesn't send emails alerting people of available studies, and they often fill up very quickly meaning that no matter how often you check in, you're always just missing out.

There are various options out there to remedy this problem, but the easiest option on a desktop / laptop is the Chrome extension Prolific Assistant.

The Prolific Assistant is a plug in to the Chrome browser that alerts you either by an audible signal, a desktop alert, or a counter on the plugin icon, when there is a study available.

They say:

This is an extension designed to monitor for new studies and alert you when it finds them. 


- Displays your pending and available balance
- Desktop Notifications: Receive a desktop notification when a new study is found
- Icon Badge: Shows how many studies are available on the extension icon
- Check Interval: Will check for new studies every X seconds
- Announce: If this is enabled, a voice announcement will happen when a new study is found
- Last Checked: Shows the last time studies were checked

I say:

It's not foolproof, but it does help!

How do I install the Prolific Assistant?

First visit the Prolific Assistant page and click on Add to Chrome, top right:

When the pop up appears, click Add Extension:

The extension will install and a Prolific icon will appear to the right of your address bar:

Clicking on that icon will bring up this:

You can either leave the Check Interval at 5 minutes, or change it (I have mine set to 2) - leave Announce highlighted so that you will be alerted when there are studies:

When a study appears, simply click on it to be taken to the study page, where you can then apply to join.

As I said earlier, it's not foolproof, but I do think it's worth having it installed as it gives you extra chances to see studies you may have otherwise missed.

I'm still looking for viable options for Smartphones and am testing out a couple of options - keep your eye on the Facebook Group for updates on this.

Not on Prolific? Join now for interesting studies from academics that pay anything from 50p to £20 and more.

Still not getting any studies on Prolific? I'm playing around with InstaGC right now and it looks like it's going to be a good earner - come and join me!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Swagbucks i-Spy Search - This Day in History

Ready for today's i-Spy search? 
Here's what Swagbucks have to say:
Get ready for this week’s iSpy Search, all about September 12th and events that happened on this day throughout history.
Here’s how to participate in iSpy Search:
  • Throughout the day we will tweet clues about September 12th via @swagbucks on Twitter with a Swag Search link to help you spot the answer (remember to click the Swag Search link, aside from spotting the answer you might just get a search win)
  • Once you have the answer to the clue, enter it into the Swag Code box in ALL CAPS. If you are among the first x-number of people to enter the code correctly, you will be instantly awarded x-number of SB. The numbers of winners for each clue and the amount of SB won will change but will be announced prior to the question.
  • Each question has a new batch of winners – you have the potential to win a total of 16 SB today from iSpy Search alone! Each question is open to all Swagbucks members in all countries.
  • Please do not share the iSpy Search answers on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or other social media channels. These are wholly different than our daily Swag Codes and are for our users who do the work. Similarly, there will be neither mobile push notifications nor SwagButton notification when the answers are active.
Hints on how to win:
Today’s iSpy Search breakdown:
  • The first 4,000 people to enter the correct answer in the Swag Code box to the first iSpy Search today will win 3 SB.
  • The first 3,000 people to enter the correct answer in the Swag Code box to the second iSpy Search today will win 4 SB.
  • The first 2,500 people to enter the correct answer in the Swag Code box to the third iSpy  Search today will win 5 SB.
  • The first 3,000 people to enter the correct answer in the Swag Code box to the fourth iSpy Search today will win 4 SB.

Swagbucks Featured Discover - 2500sb with Good Energy

This is a new feature on the blog where I will regularly feature great Discover offers from Swagbucks that I have done and been credited for. Join the Facebook Group to be alerted to new Featured Discovers.

Today I'm featuring Good Energy - this can be found in Featured Ways to Earn and is worth 2500sb, which is around £18 in gift vouchers.

The offer states: Do some good by switching to renewable energy supplier Good Energy and earn 2500 SB!

Simply visit the site and fill in your details to switch your energy supply.

Things to note:

  • You need to complete the sign up process to get the SB
  • The Swagbucks can take up to 24 hours to show in your pending SB
  • You will not receive the SB for approximately 32 days
  • There is a 14 day cooling off period that allows you to cancel the switch
Unfortunately I decided not to go ahead with the order due to various reasons and so had to cancel my order, which was easy to do via email. 

The SB appeared in my account 32 days later. 

Let us know in the Facebook Group if you complete this and receive your SB!

Not on Swagbucks? You should be - join me here now.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Are you ready for the new Swago board? Starts September 11th

It's that time again, Swagbucks fans - a new Swago board!

What's Swago? It's a little like bingo for Swagbucks, where you have a board and certain things to tick off - it could be visiting a website, watching a video, completing a survey, inviting a referral etc. - and if you achieve certain patterns you could get a bonus of up to 300sb!

It's usually pretty easy to complete, and there are plenty of people in the Facebook group who are willing to help, so sign up to the board now!

How do I join?

Click here and then click on the 'Join Now' button:

You should then see this screen:

Then simply visit the Swago page at 5pm on September 11th to get started! You have until 8pm on September 19th to submit your board and you can only submit it once, so keep at it until you've done as much as you can!

Here's the kind of thing you can expect to be doing:

Here are a few tips: 
  • Each square on your Swago Board will contain an action item to complete. They can be anything from getting a search win, completing a survey, or just visiting one of our popular stores!
  • Once you complete the action item in a particular square the square will change color signifying the action item is complete.
  • You have until 8pm on Tuesday, September 19th to mark off as many squares as possible so use your time wisely.
  • Be mindful of the patterns and their corresponding bonuses located on the right of your Swago Board. The patterns will vary in difficulty and bonus value. Once you’ve achieved a pattern, the corresponding “Submit” button will light up. You can have multiple patterns available for submission, however, you can only submit ONE pattern so choose wisely.
  • Each activity you successfully complete on your Swago Board will give you anywhere from 1-20 spins on the Spin & Win Wheel. PLUS, when you submit your board for a bonus you'll get additional spins. The number of spins will depend on the pattern you complete. The wheel has all sorts of great prizes that you can win, and each spin is a winner!

Not a Swagbucks member? Join here :)

Not in the Facebook group? Why ever not? Come and join us here!

Want to know more about Swago? Read Hannah's fab post here.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Inbox Pounds - money in your Inbox!

This is a guest post by Cherese Bennett, one of our Facebook Group members, pop on over to the group to thank her and ask any question.

I have been using Inbox Pounds for several years, since joining the Facebook Group I’ve paid
more attention to this site (due to going on maternity leave plus going back to work as part time).

This site is similar to Swagbucks in regards to completing offers, downloading apps and of course
surveys, but NO DAILY TARGETS.

When you sign up you are rewarded with £1 and every time you cash out they will start you off with another £1 which is a great help. I’m roughly cashing out every 2-3 months, when I remember to go on this site! I mainly use the surveys,  on an odd occasion I complete an offer to join another
survey site.-

The cash out value for this site is £20, you can redeem your cash by:-

  • Cheque (they issue the cheque quite quickly, I normally receive around a week/2 weeks after redeeming)
  • Amazon voucher
  • Virtual Mastercard voucher (they will send you an email with the voucher. You can request a physical copy at a charge of £3)

InboxPpounds is a web based site, you can make money towards your goal by:-

  • ·         Searching via their search engine
  • ·         Clicking on paid emails
  • ·         Completing Surveys
  • ·         Games
  • ·         Sign up offers
  • ·         Spin and win

Searching via their search engine

You can get up to 0.07p every day by doing what they call “relevant searches”.  You get paid by completing 4 searches. They are very fussy so if you correct a spelling and search again it doesn’t count towards the 4 searches.

Clicking on paid emails

InboxPounds normally sends you a paid email daily, it is normally titled as Paid emails (so look out for that one!).  If you go directly to the website click on the envelope, click on a message and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on confirm the email. The reward for clicking on each paid email is 0.01p. This is credited straight away to your account, I normally let them build up about two weeks’ worth instead of clicking every day.

Completing surveys

InboxPounds will send you daily emails.  It will either direct you to a survey or the survey page.  You normally have about 10 or more surveys plus the peanut lab surveys.
Rewards start from 0.05 (Peanut lab surveys pays out more so try and complete peanut surveys)  I aim to complete around 2 surveys a day.


I haven’t really bothered with the games section as you have to leave cash deposit to play for cash prizes.They are partnered with World Winner, I signed up just to get the joining bonus reward. This site works by deposit money for gaming dollars; you can play for free or go head to head games. You use the gaming dollars and whatever you win Inbox Pounds will credit the cash value to your Inbox account (it takes 3 to 5 working days to credit)

Sign up offers

The offers can be quite lucrative, and receive better sign up offers compared to Swagbucks.  The type of offers you could receive are other survey sites or bingo deals.

Spin and win

The spin and win wheel has helped me out a lot in previous cash outs.  I have even been lucky enough for the wheel to land on the £5 prize!
For every disqualified survey, you will receive one spin on the wheel. You can only use the spin and win wheel 10 times in a day and also store up to 100 spins stored to your account. 

Prizes you could win are:-
Survey tokens- the next time you complete a survey the token is credited to your account. 5 tokens can only be saved at any one time. The tokens only stay on  the account, i couldn’t find how long it stays on there for
A cash prize value 0.01p £1or £5.This is rewarded straight away.

The referral system is quite good!  When  someone uses your referral  link you will receive 10% of their qualified earnings.  So if you would like to join and help me out (much appreciatedJ)
My referral link is :

Not in the Facebook Group? Come and join us!

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Swagbucks - August Referral Bonuses are in!

One of the things that I love about Swagbucks is their Referral Bonuses.

If someone you refer earns 300 qualifying Swag Bucks during the calendar month they join, both they and you get a 300sb Bonus.

So, if you get 30sb referral earnings from your referral in the same month they join, you should receive a Bonus the following month (around the 5th/6th usually)

And today they're in! So if you referred someone in August and they earned over 300 qualifying sb, you should check that you have your Bonus now.

You can see your Referral Bonuses in your Activity tab and do not have to claim them.

They do not count towards your Daily Goal unfortunately.

(The image above is from the July Referral Bonuses)

Happy with your Bonus? Missing one you think you should have? Come and tell us in the Swagbucks UK Facebook Group!

Sunday, 3 September 2017

94 extra Swagbucks up for grabs with new Collector's Bills!

Introducing Autumn Harvest Collector’s Bills. Find all 6 Collector’s Bills and you’ll earn a 20 SB Bonus!
For those of you who are wondering what Collector’s Bills are, here's an explanation:.
How Do I Get Collector’s Bills?
It’s simple. Search the web through the Swagbucks search starting Monday, September 4th at 8am through Tuesday, September 12th at 7.59, and when you get a search win, you may get a special Collector’s Bill (which shows as a picture) valued at either:
  • 4 SB
  • 6 SB
  • 9 SB
  • 11 SB
  • 18 SB
  • 26 SB
I you find all 6, you'll get a 20sb bonus! This means that there are 94 possible swagbucks up for grabs!
What happens when I get a Collector’s Bill?
When you get a Collector’s Bill you’ll receive the value of the bill and the bill will be added to your “Collector’s Bills” ledger. Collect all 6 Collector’s Bills and you’ll instantly earn a 20 SB Bonus!
Is it possible to collect the same Collector’s Bills multiple times?
Yes, you could collect any of the Collector’s Bills multiple times.
Where is my Collector's Bills ledger?
Under your Activity page you will see 'Collector's Bills' - once you click on this you'll see the collection (after the promotion starts) which when clicked on will show you what you have (and haven't) got!

Good luck everyone, let us know in the Facebook Group when you get a new Bill!
Not on Swagbucks? I made £240 in August so it's well worth doing - come and join me!

Saturday, 2 September 2017

£50 a month on Swagbucks - not a survey in sight!

I doubt if anyone really likes surveys. We all like earning money by answering them but the process is often dull, time consuming and frustrating. Surveys that take longer than they say they will, ones that disqualify for no apparent reason, others that even let you finish them and THEN disqualify you - the list of reasons that Swagbucks members in our Facebook Group give for hating surveys goes on and on and on.

But the simple truth is there's still plenty of money to be earned on Swagbucks without even touching a survey, so let's see how we can reach that £50 a month I talk about in the title.

Video apps

There are 7 video apps for Android and 5 for iPhone. Find out more about them here.

Each app gives 10 swagbucks a day, often more as there are bonus rounds. They can usually be left to run on their own with little interference apart from moving on to the next app when the last one is done.

So that's a minimum of 100sb a day for iPhone and 140 for Android.

Monthly Total: Android 4200 / iPhone 3000

Daily Poll

The Daily Poll can be found in your to do list or on the Answer section of the app. 

This is worth 1sb a day.

Monthly Total: 30

Deal of the Day

This link can be found on your to do list. Simply click on it to open it. You do not have to complete a deal, just click on it so that it ticks off the box on your to do list. It is worth 1sb a day.

Monthly Total: 30

One step from to do list bonus

This is a bonus given when have completed most of your to do list. You will need to complete a Discover offer in order to get this bonus without any survey attempts. We have a list of Discover offers that credit on our Facebook group. Often between 8am and 8.45am there is a Sponsored video in the Watch list that will tick off the Discover box on your to do list.

Presuming you do the Sponsored video, that is 2sb a day (Discovers pay up to thousands of swagbucks so it could be many more). The bonus is worth 1sb a day.

Monthly Total: 90

Toolbar TV

Toolbar TV can be run from either a phone or computer browser, or via the Watch section on the Swagbutton (computer only).

This runs videos by itself until they are depleted, and can be up to 50sb a day. Let's be conservative and say it's around 20 a day.

Monthly Total: 600


Every half an hour or so there appears a Ncrave called Random. It needs to be done on a phone or computer browser, not the app. This needs you to disable popups and can be left to run itself. Let's presume you only catch it 5 times in a day. That's 10sb a day.

Monthly Total: 300

Daily Swagcode

Every day there is at least one swagcode. It comes out early evening and we have a thread in our group dedicated to alerting people of it. It is worth between 2 and 10sb a day usually but let's give it an average of 4sb a day. 

Monthly Total: 120

Daily Goal Bonus

The first Daily Goal is usually around 100sb, meaning if you earn 100sb you will get a bonus of 10sb - it may well be lower when you first start but it averages out as you continue to meet it. By doing the things I talk about above you should easily meet it. There is a second goal too but we'll leave that for now as you may or not meet it and this blog is about what you can definitely earn. So, an extra 10sb a day.

Monthly Total: 300

Daily Goal Streak Bonus

If you're doing the above things every day you're going to reach goal every day, and if you do that for the entire month then you'll receive another 300sb bonus

Monthly Total: 300

Swago bonus

Usually there's one Swago board at least a month and the bonus for completing the board is 300sb. I'm going to be unoptimistic and presume you won't complete it (well you won't without surveys anyway) and you can only get a pattern that gives you 50sb bonus.

Monthly Total: 50

Team Challenge Bonus

Most months there is at least one challenge where all you have to do is join a team and earn points for your team by doing the same things I've talked about above. If you get a certain amount of points for your team, you get a bonus. This varies and can be as much as 300sb but lets think on the low side here and say it's 50sb.

Monthly Total: 50

So, how many swagbucks do we have?

6070sb a month (around £43 a month) on Android!

4870sb a month  (around £35 a month)  on iPhone

Add into that an extra few swagbucks a day - it could be a quick and easy discover you find in our group, a few extra swagcodes on an extravaganza day, running a few videos on Watch or a few bonus rounds on the video apps, but it's not a lot to find. You could easily be looking at £50 a month without even looking at a survey, especially if you have an Android phone. Don't have one but fancy the extra sb? This one is currently £17 on Amazon and will pay for itself in no time.

And that's just on Swagbucks. Apply the same principles to Mintvine, Inbox Pounds and other sites and apps and you could see your earnings going into the hundreds without even trying, and never being asked to put yourself in an age bracket again (survey humour) :)

Not in the Facebook Group? Join now.
Not on Swagbucks but fancy that 50 quid a month?Come and join me now and there's an extra 500sb a month up for grabs.

Swagbucks - August Daily Goal Bonuses are in!

One of the things that I love about Swagbucks is that if you hit your Daily Goal every day, they give you a bonus (around 10% of the goal).

If you hit your daily goal 7, 14, 21 or 30 days in a row, you also get an extra bonus.

These bonuses are collated together and given to you in one go around the 2nd/3rd of the following month.

There's also a bonus for reaching your second goal, which is usually higher, and these sums really add up.

Over in our group some people are receiving monthly bonuses of 1000sb and over!

To check your bonus for last month and claim the swagbucks, simply hover over your daily goal and click on the check status link (this is July's but yours will say August):

You'll then be able to claim your bonus swagbucks and add them to your total.

Happy with your bonus? Come and tell us in the Swagbucks UK Facebook Group!

£30 a month for doing practically nothing? Swagbucks video apps

From a post in our Facebook group:

Ran all the Swagbucks video apps yesterday - 7 as I'm on Android - and as I awoke at 4.30am have time to run them all again before 8am. That's 140 swagbucks even if I get no bonus rounds :) iPhone users have 5 video apps, which is 100sb a day.

(Note: video apps can be run twice a day, once from 8am to 2am and then once again from 2am to 8am - I often get up at 5/6 so set them running again while I do my morning chores)

So Android users - 140sb x 30 days = 4200 swagbucks a month, which based on a £5 giftcard being 700sb, is £30 a month even if you do nothing else.

And iPhone users - 100sb x 30 days = 3000 swagbucks a month, again based on a £5 giftcard being 700sb, that's almost £21.50 a month.

£30 / £21.50 a month for just leaving your phone on the side running? The spare phone I bought has paid for itself in less than a month

Read this blog if you don't have or don't know about all the video apps -

Join Swagbucks here if you like the idea of £30 a month for doing practically nothing. I made £240 in August 2017!

Friday, 1 September 2017

Get 500 bonus points when you sign up for Swagbucks in September

All throughout September you can earn large bonuses from Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a rewards site where you earn points (called SB) for things you're probably doing online already, like searching, watching videos, discovering deals, and taking surveys. Then you take those points and exchange them for gift cards to places like Amazon, Starbucks, or PayPal cash. 

When you sign up through me this month, you can earn a 500 SB bonus! Here's how: 

1. Sign up using this link 

2. Earn 300 SB total before 1/10/17. You'll get a 300 SB bonus for it! 

3. If you spend at least £25 through Swagbucks Shop* you'll get another 200 SB bonus on top of the cash back you'll get from shopping. If you have some shopping to do online, just go to Swagbucks first and visit the store through them. It doesn't cost you anything extra, but you'll get SB points for every dollar you spend (on top of the bonus)! 

That's it. It's super easy, and Swagbucks is for real. I use it myself, and I've earned over £200 in August alone! 

*You must receive your shopping SB before 1 November

Sign up now then grab me on Facebook and I'll give you a few hints and tips to help you on your way!

Also Join our facebook group, where we help and support you to make the most of the sites you sign up to!

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Mintvine - Earning Mintvine points via

If you're getting a bit fed up with doing surveys on Mintvine but still want to earn points, Engageme.TV is a good way to do that.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a quick way to earn points, but if you're able to leave it running while you do other things then the points soon add up.

To access, first go to the Mintvine site and click on 'Offers':

Once on the offers section, you need to click 'Adwall':

You'll then be given the option of choosing an category - different categories have different amounts of ads. I usually choose Food and Cooking to start, but often change througout the day.

Once you've clicked on a section, will start running. DO NOT LOG IN! For it to run with Mintvine, it needs to say 'Earning with: Other' and logging in won't give you a Mintvine option.

Points wise, you'll get 1 point for every 3 ads you see. Unfortunately ads don't always show, so you may need to keep an eye on it to start, and change categories if you're getting no ads.

Not on Mintvine? Join me here.

Read Jade's fab Newbie Guide to Mintvine here.

Engageme/tv not working for Mintvine? Try it for Grabpoints instead here

Friday, 25 August 2017

Swagbucks - new Swago board starting 28th August 2017!

It's that time again, Swagbucks fans - a new Swago board!

What's Swago? It's a little like bingo for Swagbucks, where you have a board and certain things to tick off - it could be visiting a website, watching a video, completing a survey, inviting a referral etc. - and if you achieve certain patterns you could get a bonus of up to 300sb!

It's usually pretty easy to complete, and there are plenty of people in the Facebook group who are willing to help, so sign up to the board now!

How do I join?

Click here and then click on the 'Join Now' button:

You should then see this screen:

Then simply visit the Swago page at 5pm on August 28th to get started! You have until 8pm on September 4th to submit your board and you can only submit it once, so keep at it until you've done as much as you can!

Here's what you can expect to be doing:

Not a Swagbucks member? Join here :)

Not in the Facebook group? Why ever not? Come and join us here!

Want to know more about Swago? Read Hannah's fab post here.