Monday, 19 June 2017

VYPR app for Android & iPhone - a quick FAQ

Over on our Facebook group we're often asked questions about the iPhone and Android app VYPR - here are a few along with answers usually given in group, in order to keep everything in the same place for future reference.

I can't find the VYPR app, can you send me a referral link?

There are no referral links available for VYPR at the moment, and it does seem quite difficult to find in app stores, so here are the links you need to download the app:

VYPR on Android
VYPR on iPhone

How much are the points worth?

10,000 points is £5 via Paypal

How long does it take to get £5?

That depends - the first lot of 10000 points is usually pretty quick (a few days / a week) and after that it slows down slightly, but people are still cashing out £10 - £20 a month and it's pretty easy so well worth it.

I have no steers - why?

Steers come and go, there is no system to it. The best thing to do is swipe down on the app a couple of times every time you open it in order to see if you have any steers available.

How long does payment take once I've cashed out?

Payment to Paypal could take anything between a few hours and 7 days or so - be patient and remember that if you cash out at the weekend the chances are your payment won't be received until during the week - app employees are allowed weekends off too!

How do I get in touch with VYPR customer service?

They can be contacted on email at

They also have a Facebook page here -

If you like VYPR, also consider Attapoll, another mobile app with quick and easy surveys - 


Any question you have not answered? Pop it in the comments below or post in our Facebook group and I'll add it to the list!

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